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How To Choose The Right Necklace For A Girlfriend

Women’s silver chains are always an indispensable accessory for women, each style will give women a completely different experience of using. Choosing a necklace that is right for you, helping your girlfriend to highlight your own beauty is something many women are interested in. Today’s post, Bao Tin Jewelry will give some suggestions to help you!

Select chain according to length

Chain length is also a point that we need to pay attention to, each chain length will match the neck, outfit and style you aim for.

You can find out the chain length benefits according to the table below:

Length from 35-40cm: this is a chain hugging the neck but does not cause you discomfort and you can completely breathe normally, this line is often called with a very stylish name. : “Choker necklace”. Choker necklace has a unique, unique and attractive style, when you wear open-necked outfits, the choker necklace will be an important highlight, helping you shine. This length is suitable for those of average height, well-proportioned body, tall and slim neck.

Length 45 cm: This length is called a princess necklace. The length of the rope will reach your blue collarbone. This is also the standard length because it will help to flatter your beauty. This length is suitable for most people.
Length 50-55cm: Chain length over your blue straps and usually this is a necklace line with added faces. This length is suitable for most people.

Length 60cm: With this length, the necklace will reach the chest. This length is suitable for people of medium height, medium or short neck.
Length more than 70cm: necklaces are often too chest long, mainly the slippery ones, or the necklace form, rarely with faces. This aunt is suitable for tall, well-proportioned people.

Choose necklaces according to your neck and body shape

Chain length to suit most neck designs is between 40-45cm. This is the length for which most neck and body designs are suitable. However, we also have a few more tips to choose the right chain patterns.

Tall, thin, long and slim neck: you should choose light-colored necklaces with a relatively large face, moderately thin, you will look fuller and your neck is more elegant.
Big lower body shape, small chest: you should combine the necklace with a moderately large pendant, you will look more balanced and harmonious.

Low neck shape, large chest, slightly large shoulders: you can choose necklaces that are long to the chest, slender, less detailed, avoiding colorful colors, creating a feeling of a longer and slim neck.
A well-proportioned figure, an ideal hourglass figure: with this shape you are free to choose a necklace style that matches the outfit you desire.

Choose the right necklace for each face

If you own a round or oval face: you should choose a necklace with a length of 45-50cm, to help you flaunt your beauty. Choose necklaces with slim designs, gentle patterns, slightly long, to help highlight your face. For those with a long and slim neck, you can choose for yourself a choker bracelet.v6

If you own a rectangular or square face: You should choose short necklaces from 40-45cm, with this size your face will become more elegant, soft and less angular. . You should choose pendants with motifs of round, wavy, teardrop, ring, bead, and beam.blank

With just a few small TIPs above, hope can help you have more knowledge about fashion, choose for yourself the most suitable necklace models for you. Wishing our girlfriends always beautiful and happy!

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