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Are you preparing to buy yourself a pair of Ultra boost shoes to serve life, work & outdoor activities? If so, do not forget to preview the selling price of each product quality & what each has advantages and disadvantages before deciding to choose.

How much Adidas Ultra Boost shoes in the Vietnamese market is one of the issues that are very interested in sneaker enthusiasts. Many people believe that knowing the price of money will avoid the situation of buying “holes” or being “screamed” by sellers. But also a few want to budget enough before buying products.

So in today’s article ladeewig Shop will summarize the selling prices of the Adidas Ultra Boost shoes on the market under many different types. Please take a moment to consult!

ultra-boost (1)
ultra-boost (1)

Overview of the Adidas Ultra Boost line-up

Before looking at the price of the Adidas Ultra Boost line, let’s take a look at this sneaker overall. This sporty shoe has something attractive and outstanding that you should own.

Highly durable, durable over time’

Not only the Ultra Boost line, but anyone who has ever owned Adidas-branded sneakers will know that, in addition to aesthetics, beauty over time, durability is “not the right form”.’

Thanks to the continental outsole layer, consumers can use the Adidas Ultra Boost continuously for 1-2 years without any problems. Of course, if you know how to preserve and clean them properly, the shoes that can last up to 3-5 years are very normal. In particular, the primeknit part of the shoe body does not fade with time. So even though the shoes have been worn by time, they still retain their original beauty.


The design attracts, conquers even the most demanding followers

One of the other outstanding advantages of the Adidas Ultra Boost line is the attractive and outstanding design. Many believers have admitted that they are willing to spend so much money to “get” this item home because of its design.

In general, the design of the product is not too aggressive or cumbersome, on the contrary it is simple and light.

  • Three-striped logo is stylized at the body of the shoe, embracing the laces to create a highlight of the product.
  • The manufacturer also uses primeknit fabric to cover the shoe body, creating tiny ventilation holes, helping users feel comfortable during use. Even if you use shoes continuously for many hours / day, you will not feel pressing or sweating.
  • The shoe sole uses modern boost technology, supports the user’s feet to the maximum, has high elasticity, helps users not feel uncomfortable or tired when moving a lot.
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    How much does the “rework” Ultra Boost cost?

With the above general information can be seen, the genuine Ultra Boost shoes have a shelf price of $ 180 USD (equivalent to 4.1 million VND). But in fact, when returning to Vietnam, the selling price will reach 5 million, because of the additional fees due to shipping, VAT, …

Consumers in the Vietnamese market mostly have low incomes, spending 5 – 10 million dong to buy sneakers can only count on the fingers. Most still do not have the economy to own or simply feel “not worth” spending such a large amount of money just to buy shoes.

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